Bearing manufacturer reduces oil consumption

While working with a world leading bearing manufacturer John Morfield industrial team identified a potential area for cost savings. This was a grinding operation where an oil based cutting fluid was being used. The machining centre in question was equipped with the standard O.E.M fitment of a single drag chain conveyor for the removal of heavy par-ticulate relying on and a weir system and settlement for the control of the fine particulate.The cutting oil was replaced every 12 months due to the high level of contamination present and at a cost of £10,000 in oil alone each year the customer agreed to fit a new filtration system to help reduce contaminant levels and increase oil life.

A filter housing fitted with 6 qty 30 micron filter elements was installed be-tween the dirty return tank and the clean tank. At the same time John Mor-field service engineers carried out regular oil sampling to ensure that the predicted reduction in contaminant levels was being achieved and maintained.

In the 24 months since the installation of this filter system the cutting oil has not been changed with the exception of a small amount that was added due to operational losses. Independent analysis of the oil con-firmed that was still in good condition and the plant intends to run a third year without an oil change. Filter and installation costs were £1,000 and consumables £3,000 pa therefore a true cost saving over 2 years has been 13k to date. This saving doesn’t take into consideration the reduction in costs of oil disposal, labour to change the oil and tank cleaning costs.