C Thru separator reduces coolant costs

An automotive component manufacture wanted to reduce the running cost of three machining centres. The machines in question each fitted with 750 litre coolant sumps were costing the company over £8,900 per year in coolant, labour, downtime and disposal. John Morfield engineers recommended a Pall see through separator to reduce tramp oil contamination which contributed to the short life of the coolant.

The Pall see through separator is a unique patented unit designed to remove free and dispersed tramp oil from metal working and parts washing fluids. The unit is easily installed using a magnetic mounting and is compact and portable so that it can be utilised on more than one area. Once the separators were fitted there was an almost immediate improvement in coolant quality as the unit began to rapidly remove the tramp oil.

Over the next few months the service life of the coolant was increased dramatically giving a significant cost benefit by reducing coolant top up, labour cost and cost of disposal. After monitoring the performance of the separators over a period of twelve months the customer reported a total saving for the 3 machining centres of £6,500. Taking into account the cost of the separators and installation costs this represents a payback in investment in less than 6 months.